Custom-made Software Development

We offer 100% customised solutions for your business needs

Egyedi megoldások fejlesztése

In many cases, our customers are faced with the problem that there is no off-the-shelf software on the market for the functionality they expect, or – if it exists – the cost of customisation would be unreasonably high. In such cases, a custom-made, company-specific application is the ideal solution.

Our projects primarily involve the development of such custom-made, web-based (accessible from a web browser) and mobile solutions for our customers.

Thanks to our development methodology, our customers quickly gain a clear picture of the end result during the design phase of the software, ensuring that the implemented system fully complies with their requirements. Based on our project management and IT consulting skills, we not only document the needs and processes of our customers, but we also advise on optimisation and rationalisation issues which guarantees that the most suitable processes will be implemented in the final IT solution.

Systems implemented and operated by our experts meet all relevant enterprise level requirements.